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The Brwmys

The Brwmys is........

We often get asked 'what is a Brwmys?" Well the truth is, no-one actually knows!...
There are many tales surrounding its origin but the truth is buried deep in the dark depths of time and madness!

What we do know, is the band was founded by Dave Kenwrick and Paul Cottrell in 2010 and has been on quite the journey ever since!

Picking up members like a rolling ball of moss in the woods, the Brwmys has collected upwards of 15 members over the years (once a Brwmys always a Brwmys)

WIth a musical style that merges folk, country, blues, jazz, rock and arabic, it's hard to put the Brwmys in a box! Foot stomping future fusion folk is about as close as it gets (it's not folk yet but might be in the future!).

Brwmys have played most paces in Cardiff and the surrounding areas over the years, alongside many many festivals round the country and lots of special ocasions. Brwmys highlights include playing regularly at the beautiful Blue Lagoon Festival, playing big stages at Nozstock and Kate Humble's Humble by Nature, and of course being regualrs in Little Folk at Greenman festival. 
Summer 2023 is looking magical for The Brwmys with some exciting gigs coming up such as the main stage at Big love Festival! 


We hope to see you in a field somewhere!


The Brwmys Family

Dave Kenwrick - Guitar, Vocals, Cajon - 2010-Current

Paul Cottrell - Guitar, Vocals - 2010-Current

Greg Baker - Bass - 2011-2012

Caz Ryves - Bass, vocals - 2012- Current

Ellie Burton - Violin, vocals - 2012-2014

Sally Greenwell - Viola, vocals, occasional sax - 2013-Current

Luke Bennett-Evans - Guitar, vocals, mandolin (plus more!)- 2014-Current

Jack Rowe - Violin, vocals - 2014-2017

Tom Jones - Cello, vocals - 2015-2017

Aaron Meli - Percussion - 2016-2022

Cliff Collings - Drums, percussion, vocals - 2018-2021

Heulwen Thomas - Violin - 2017-2019

Josh Davey Stewart - Drums, percussion, vocals - 2021-Current

Al Leith - Percussion - 2021-2022

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